Network Assessment

Need to know what you have and where/what it is?

Network Design

We can customize a solution that fits you.

Network Installation, Maintenance, and Support

Servers, worktations and software, oh my!

Software Development and Business Process Consulting

Automate key areas of your business and assist in utilizing your staff to it's greatest potential.

Web Development

Integrate your website with your database, or freshen your look.

IT Management

We can engage as an advisor or manage it all.

   Network Assessment

Not sure what you have or where it is? Let us assess your network and identify any weaknesses or points of failure that need addressing before it becomes a critical problem. We will document what you have an identify any immediate or longer-term needs. We find even very basic network issues before they cause downtime or a critical problem. We can also help identify weak points or things that can be improved to better help you budget for IT spending.

   Network Design

We can help design your entire network including firewalls, switches, wireless, servers, backup devices, battery backup units, and desktops. Need to overhaul your existing network? We can help you make the transition smoothly and efficiently.

We'll start from the ground up if you have a new installation, custom-designing a network that fits your needs for today and beyond. Whether you have a 5 person office or a 45 person office, we can tailor your network to efficiently and smoothly handle your technology needs.

Already have a network? Need a overhaul? Don't exactly know what you have or need? We'll assess what you have and help you identify your immediate and long-term needs. Whether it's a staged approach or a all-in-one replacement you need, we can help you make the transition smoothly.

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   Network Installation, Maintenance and Support

Whether it's server support, desktop support, or something in between, we're on top of it.

A client once said they consider us "a one-stop shop for anything with an on/off switch" (which isn't exactly true, but very close!). Many markets have converged with IT over the years, which becomes readily apparent whenever you shop for a copier, telephone system or even a security system.

Well-versed in Microsoft server and desktop operating systems, and hardware or software from any of our partners (and then some!), we can help you tame your network and put you back to work!

   Software Development and Business Process Consulting

Stepping through even your most complex business processes, we can identify and automate key areas of your business and assist in utilizing your staff to it's greatest potential.

We're experts at transforming a maze of spreadsheets and manual paperwork into automated systems that support your core business and effectively serve to your customer base.

We draw on a wealth of expertise with fat-client, web-based, and moble applications to help create solutions that fit your business needs.

   Web Development

Web sites can run the gamut from a static marketing website to a dynamic data-driven user experience. Where does your site fit? Working with a very talented graphic artist, we can help build your brand from the ground up or augment existing strategies by adding a consistent look and feel to your web-based marketing.

Let us help you navigate through web hosting arrangements, domain registrations, DNS and everything else that comes along with establishing your web presence.

Already have a site that just needs a face lift? We can help with that too!

   IT Management

Tell us how we can assist you! Whether it's reviewing a proposal or providing an opinion about a particular technology or service, we're here to help you accomplish your goals.

Don't have someone on staff to handle IT projects? Let us be your IT staff! Our goal is to cause as little disruption to your work day as possible. We build stuff that just simply runs.

Do you have someone on staff that handles routine support tasks? We'll help you use that person efficiently to accomplish your short and long-term IT goals.

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